The Mission Hub at New Horizon 2023

As part of New Horizon, the Mission Hub seeks to provide followers of Jesus with a way to engage with mission and the Global Church in a relevant way. The hub explores how we can practically apply what God is calling us to learn and to do as His people. For some, this might be connecting with new agencies. Others will have the opportunity to reconnect with staff and volunteers from agencies that they support. For others it’s an opportunity to hear more about what God is doing, leading to a deeper commitment to be involved in praying, giving or going. 

As we look at the theme this year, Joy from the Ashes, we are excited to see how God will use the Mission Hub to motivate and inspire people to continue taking God’s message of Joy from the Ashes out to the world around us, whether that be closer to home or further afield. How will God invite you, this year, to play your part in His story as we take His message of hope, grace and forgiveness into the world by the power of His Spirit?

Our hope and prayer is that the Mission Hub will provide a space to be inspired and encouraged as we seek to live mission focused lives both here at home and overseas. Each of the representatives from the 23 organisations in the Mission Hub would love to chat and share with you some of the encouragements that we are seeing as God transforms lives right around the world.

There will be opportunities to interact, pray, ask questions and perhaps even consider new areas of mission and outreach that God may be placing on your heart this week. So why not grab a coffee and come and chat to some of the representatives in the Mission Hub. 

***The Mission Hub is overseen by Mission Action Partnership (MAP). MAP is a ministry of Global Connections*** www.globalconnections.org.uk/map

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