New Horizon c1989

New Horizon, as we know it, started on the Coleraine Campus of the University of Ulster in 1989, and comes from a rich spiritual tradition. Its roots lie over fifty years ago in the 1954 Billy Graham Harringay Crusade. One of the ‘problems’ which was raised through thousands coming to faith, was the need to provide ministry to help these new converts grow spiritually. Lindsay Glegg led the Movement for Worldwide Evangelisation (MWE) in establishing a Christian Holiday Crusade in the Butlins Camp in Filey, and so ‘Filey Week’ was born.

Each year from 1955, in the second week of September, some 7,000-8,000 people enjoyed the then unique blend of holiday fun, good Bible teaching, and rich fellowship. But in 1983 Butlins closed their Filey Camp and so the week had to transfer to Skegness, at the same time changing name to ‘New Horizon’, though still drawing large crowds. However in 1987 after re-vamping their facilities, Butlins yet again changed the available week into the month of October. This was not suitable for most of the New Horizon clientele so, with the emergence of Spring Harvest, the Committee decided that after 33 years the Lord’s purposes for it in that form had been accomplished.

Each year many people from Northern Ireland had made their various ways to Yorkshire and it was decided by the then New Horizon Committee, to offer the concept to Northern Ireland. The Chairman of the Committee, Norman Sinclair, was commissioned to meet with local leaders to explore whether this initiative was of the Lord. A consultation was held in Belfast in October 1988, and there was indeed sufficient interest to plan for the first New Horizon in Northern Ireland. This took place nine months later at what has been our venue ever since, the Coleraine campus of the Ulster University. A local committee was formed and, while numbers in the first year were small, it has proved over the years to indeed be of the Lord. Under inspired local leadership, committees of changing membership have been used to bring refreshing, challenging and relevant ministry to thousands of people, young and old alike.

Major elements in the programme are Morning Bible Teaching, Seminars, Evening Celebrations, Mission Resource Area, Children’s ministry (undertaken by Scripture Union), Celebration for those with learning disabilities, separate programmes for youth and senior teens. There are usually no formal meetings in the afternoons.

New Horizon 2002

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