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This year we’re blessed to have the opportunity to host a number of seminars, some live streamed and others pre-recorded. Here is what’s coming up…

Katharine Hill

MONDAY 11:30amBuilding your child’s emotional health

with Katharine Hill

How to build resilience in our children’s lives in a post pandemic world

Based on Katharine Hill’s latest book ‘A Mind of Their Own’ this session will give you practical actionable ideas grounded in Biblical wisdom and up to date research to help build your child’s confidence and wellbeing. Unpacking the challenges of the pandemic on our children’s lives –and discovering opportunities in the midst of these difficult times to help our children learn to manage anxiety, to build resilience and to discover their God given identity. In the context of the challenges, bringing parents a message of confidence and hope!

Katharine Hill is the UK Director of Care for the Family. She is a well-known speaker, broadcaster and author of a number of books including her latest book A Mind of Their Own. She is married to Richard and has four children and three grandchildren.

Chris Cupples

TUESDAY 11:30amUK poverty – why should I care? 

with Chris Cupples

A look at UK poverty and how we can respond as Christians

Is it really the responsibility of the Church and followers of Jesus to do something about it? To not only care but to be stirred into action? Jesus sets out his mandate in Luke 4 – focusing on the poor and oppressed. That calling is also for us today. We are to both preach and be good news. The COVID pandemic has caused an even greater income and wealth divide – low paid workers, people in debt, single parents, black and ethnic communities have all been hardest hit. How can the Church respond in the years to come? What can you do?
Chris is a Director in Christians Against Poverty with responsibility for the UK network of CAP services all run in partnership with local Churches.

Paul Coulter

WEDNESDAY 11:30amProclaiming Peace in Grace and Truth

with Paul Coulter

The gospel of peace comes to people who are at war with God. But contemporary people don’t think they’re God’s enemies, while our proclamations of peace have too often sounded like declarations of war. In this cultural moment, when Christians often feel like they’re on the wrong side of history, we need to recommit to boldness and gentleness with integrity of lives and words in our defence of the gospel. In this seminar we will learn from the Lord Jesus and the apostles Peter and Paul how we can stand firm in both God’s truth and his grace as we share the gospel of peace.

Medic, pastor and theologian, Paul serves with Living Leadership, a network training and supporting leaders across the UK. He also directs the Centre for Christianity in Society, which seeks to connect Christianity with contemporary culture in NI.

John-Mark Gullan

WEDNESDAY 11:30amListening to God

with John-Mark Gullan

Most of us would love to hear God speak into our lives, personally and directly, with freshness and power. But we worry about how we can be sure we are hearing God’s voice, and not just our own thoughts (or the voice of the enemy). We wonder about the relationship between the Bible and other ways God might speak. This seminar will explore some key questions about how God speaks today, and how we can have confidence in learning to recognise his voice.

John-Mark is married to Deborah and dad to Caleb, Elijah and Junia. He is part of the staff team at Mountsandel Christian Fellowship in Coleraine. His passion is helping people to read the Bible for spiritual transformation, and not just information.

Malcolm Duncan

THURSDAY 11:30am – Good Grief: Living with sorrow and loss

with Malcolm Duncan

Grief does not stop simply because we are followers of Christ. In this seminar, Malcolm Duncan will explore some of the Biblical motifs around grief, loss and mourning and unpack some of his own journey through sorrow and loss. Amongst other things, we will think about what it means to walk through the valley of the shadow of death, how we learn to change our grip as we travel through loss, how God can use shadows and darkness as places of encounter, what it means to live with the minor key of loss, and what lessons we can learn from the story of the resurrection of Lazarus.

Malcolm is Lead Pastor of Dundonald Elim Church, Board Member of Hew Horizon. Theologian-in-Residence for Spring Harvest / Essential Christian. Chairman of Agora: A Pentecostal Public Theology, Justice and Pastoral Ethics Taskforce. Author, Speaker, Broadcaster

Jonny Farrell
Jenny Stewart
Stuart Burnham

THURSDAY 11:30amFaith for the Future

with Jonny Farrell, Jenny Stewart & Stuart Burnham

As we begin to emerge from this past season – many of us are wondering what the future is going to look like. Our mission partners will be reminding us that the future is full of hope when we walk with God. The Church has had to adapt dramatically in the last year and Jenny, Stuart and Jonny will bring reflections and encouragement of how God has been at work across the neighbourhoods and the nations.

The seminar will leave you encouraged, equipped and inspired to be salt and light in your local and global community as we take significant steps of faith into the future.

Jonny is the Regional Manager of Stand by Me a charity dedicated to rescuing children living in poverty then doing whatever it takes to provide the care love and attention they need to thrive.

Jenny has worked for Latin Link for 3 years where a big part of her role is mobilising individuals and families and getting alongside those who are exploring a call to mission, including facilitating training for Latin Link’s programmes.

Stuart Burnham is the Ireland Coordinator for ReachAcross; a mission agency that seeks to help Muslims follow Jesus all over the world. As Ireland Coordinator, Stuart is passionate about people getting involved in this exciting area of mission.

Karen Jardine
Rev Dr Tony Davidson
Diane Holt
Fr Martin Magill

FRIDAY 11:30amLearning from our history: Lament, forgiveness and shalom

with Rev Dr Tony Davidson, Diane Holt & Fr Martin Magill

Hosted by: Karen Jardine

Northern Ireland has a complicated history. The troubles have had a lasting impact in society, in community relations, and in politics. In this, Northern Ireland’s centennial year, join our panel as they examine their own experiences of the troubles and similar conflicts, and seek to discover what lessons we can learn about the importance of both lament and forgiveness, as we strive to live as followers of Christ who pursue not just an absence of conflict, but a true restoration and reconciliation with God and with one another – to live in the shalom of God.

Karen is Public Affairs Officer for the Presbyterian Church in Ireland, assisting its Council for Public Affairs as it develops the Church’s thinking on, and response to, issues of public policy. She is an elder in a church in East Belfast.

Tony is a native of Dungannon. After ministering in Limerick for 8 years, he has been minister in First Armagh since 1994. He is the chair of the panel for peace and reconciliation for PCI. Tony is married to Christine, has 3 children and 3 grandchildren, and enjoy reading, walking, and local history.

Diane is the Director of Thrive Ireland which seeks to bring global learning to missional community engagement across Ireland. She has worked in community development and peacebuilding both locally and globally through her work with Tearfund. She is married to Alan and has two children.

Martin is currently the Parish Priest in St John’s Parish, Falls Road, Belfast. He is a co-founder of 4 Corners Festival Belfast, a Christian festival using the arts to encourage peace and reconciliation by fostering the building of new relationships across denominational divisions, and is a member of Stop Attacks, a pressure group whose sole aim is to work for the ending of all shootings and beatings by armed criminal organisations.

Nathaniel Jennings
Rev Dr Israel Oluwole Olofinjana
Pastor Johann Vizagie

FRIDAY 11:30amIdentity Politics, Racism, Tribalism and the Gospel 

with Nathaniel Jennings, Rev Dr Israel Oluwole Olofinjana, Pastor Johann Vizagie & David Maganda

We will be exploring how the good news of Jesus deals with social divisions and conflicts. We will particularly be reflecting on the Black Lives Matter movement, so called ‘woke culture’ and how Christians engage with social justice movements. We be discussing what the kingdom alternatives are to the increasing tribalism and polarization we see in society. What should be our posture and purpose in the midst of this? 

Nathaniel comes from an Anglo-American-Caribbean background, but was born and grew up in Bangladesh and has lived in Northern Ireland for the past 10 years. He is currently the Ireland Area Representative for OMF International.

Israel is the new Director of the One People Commission of the Evangelical Alliance. He is also an ordained and accredited Baptist minister and has led two multi-ethnic Baptist churches and an independent charismatic church.

Johann is the Senior Pastor and founder of Every Nation Church Belfast. Johann grew up in South Africa, and has a passion to bring reconciliation and unity through sharing the Gospel to people from every tribe and nation.

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