Mission Focus: Wycliffe Bible Translators

Mission is vital part of New Horizon and this year Scott Marshall from the NH Media Team is highlighting the inspirational work of some of the agencies taking part in #NH2022.  Here he discovers more about the work of Wycliffe Bible Translators.

1.5 billion are still waiting

The vision of Wycliffe Bible Translators is to bring a translated Bible to unreached parts of the world.  Revelation 14:6 says that the gospel will be ‘proclaimed to every nation, tribe, language, and people.’

“Zacchaeus had to climb a tree to catch sight of Jesus – we don’t! You can find Him right here, in the pages of this book.” 

-Blaise de Pascale Yankombona, a government official from the Central African Republic. 

Scripture Launches

Scripture Launches are celebrations held by Wycliffe in light of God’s goodness in providing a completed New Testament. After three recent New Testament launches in CAR, people from other language groups began to request language development and Bible translations for themselves. These events are a great opportunity to say thank you to those who have been involved, such as translators and community administrators. And they are a testament to the power of prayer and the might of the Gospel that transcends cultures and languages. 

Prayer and Praise

The Bashkir are the only people of over a million speakers in Russia who do not yet have the full Bible. But that will change this month. Pray for open hearts and minds as they receive the Bible in their language. 

Praise God for the generosity of Wycliffe supporters who gave to our latest appeal for funding to develop Scripture apps in places that are hostile to the gospel. 

Praise God for disciples and literacy classes among the Leafa people in Kenya. Pray that these classes transform the lives of new believers. 

The Marenje translation team in Mozambique has recently begun translation work. Pray it will be an informative, inspiring resource. 

The power of giving:

When a supporter from Northern Ireland heard that Lugwere translator Eric Kiirya needed a motorbike to travel to work, he immediately thought of his own bike. He decided to sell it and send the money to Wycliffe in Uganda. God used this act of giving to allow Eric to continue his important work and Wycliffe is continually thankful for his support. 

Support Bible translation at wycliffe.org.uk/give or chat to the people at the Wycliffe stand in the mission tent, they would love to give you more information. 

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