Mission Focus: SAT-7

Mission is vital part of New Horizon and this year Scott Marshall from the NH Media Team is highlighting the inspirational work of some of the agencies taking part in #NH2022. Here he finds out more about the work of SAT-7.

The vision of SAT-7 is to seek out the Church in the Middle East and North Africa to witness, give encouragement and serve the wider community. SAT-7 broadcasts 24/7 in multiple language and their programmes are watched by around 25 million people. Christianity began in the Middle East but today it is estimated that only 3.5% of its population are Christians. 

Since the beginning of SAT-7 there have been 16 million engagements with their Facebook page. 

It costs less than 50p for SAT-7 to broadcast to one viewer for an entire year

Work in Iran

The radio and television channels of SAT-7 bypass strict government enforced censorship. SAT-7 PARS is SAT-7’s Persian-language. It provides a wide variety of Christian programmes for people of all ages. Their TV programming provides a chance for Iranian Christians to ask questions and seek insight into biblical questions in an area hostile to the gospel. Counsellors and presenters with SAT-7 had 84,000 one-to-one conversations with viewers in 2021. 

Advocacy for Churches

‘If they persecuted me, they will also persecute you.’

John 15:20

We are called to be in community with the global church and partner with them as they experience hardship.  

Ways of advocacy and church partnership-

Church Partnership

This is a three year commitment where a congregation chooses a people group to support and commit to raising funds. But this partnership extends further than prayer as connections are made with producers and presenters in the region through live events. There is also a chance to visit one of the studios impacting the Middle East. 

Media Project Support

This is a one-year commitment to choose a flagship media project and raise funds for its needs. Similar to the partnership, there are chances to connect with chosen projects through programmes and live events as well as a chance to pray ad witness lives transform. 

SAT-7 Free to Believe Campaign

Article 18 of the United Declaration on Human Rights states that everyone has the right to freedom of thought, conscience and religion. But this right is not protected for Christian minorities across North Africa and the Middle East. SAT-7 is working in advocacy with the UK government through the Free to Believe campaign to bring about change in religious protections for these Christian groups. Visit the SAT-7 stand in the mission tent to add your voice for a movement of change.

Visit www.sat7uk.org for more details. 

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