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Renewed Minds: challenges and possibilities  

Depression.  Anxiety.  Fear – The mind is the seat of painful struggles that threaten to overwhelm us and are a growing challenge for our families and society.  How does our identity as Christians relate to mental health? 

Bitterness.  Pride.  Selfishness – The mind is a battleground where Satan’s deceitful lies ignite our imagination and cause us to doubt who we really are, who God is and how much he loves us. How can scripture guard our minds? 

Doubts.  Confusion.  Apathy – The mind can be a rich and fruitful garden, yet it can also be barren, choked by other concerns, or polluted by life in a fallen world.  How, through repentance and healing, can we learn to love God with all our minds? 

Discernment.  Forgiveness.  Hope – These are qualities the Bible expects us to develop as God transforms our minds.  At New Horizon 2022, we will explore what Scripture says about the mind, our thoughts and mental health.   

We want to be both honest about our struggles and also hopeful in the possibilities of God’s work in us.   We want to know the transforming truth of God’s Word and experience the renewing work of God’s Spirit in us so we can serve Him faithfully wherever He has placed us.   We want to learn as individuals and churches how to obey the command to “be transformed by the renewal of your mind” (Romans 12:2)  

NH Explore

Each year within the seminar programme a wide range of speakers explore a wide variety of subjects using a wide range of approaches.

Children/Youth Programme

The Children and Youth Programme is presented for the benefit of children whose parents are on campus attending a Bible Reading, Seminar or Evening Celebration. New Horizon has always seen working with young people as a vital and rewarding part of the week.

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