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1916… Before the Easter Rising. Before the Somme. Before partition, the Belfast Blitz. Before thirty years of troubles. Before the term ‘Good Friday’ became synonymous with political agreements. Before human rights and equality commissions. Before parks, shops, cinemas and sport were open on Sundays. Before secularism, consumerism, and multi-culturalism. Before television, internet, smartphones and social media. 100 years on…

Life has changed. Culture has changed. Attitudes have changed. The world we live in, the stories we tell, the experiences we have come through, have shaped and moulded us. Yet Jesus came and spoke of an everlasting kingdom and taught us to pray that this Kingdom will come and his will be done here on earth. What does this mean for us? Jesus came to seek and to save the lost, the perishing, to turn the tide of a people turning their back on God. What does this mean for us? Jesus came and established his church, his people, against whom the very gates of the hell he spoke of would not prevail. What does this mean for us?  What did Jesus say about the kingdom of God, the lost, and the church? And does this message shape and mould us, the world we live in, the stories we tell, and our experience of life? New Horizon 2016… The Jesus Way.


Programme Overview

Saturday 5th August Event Location
1845 Prayer Meeting Prayer Tent
1930 Opening Celebration Main Tent
Sunday 6th August
Morning Local Church Services Various
1630 Volunteer Commissioning Service Diamond
1845 Prayer Meeting Prayer Tent
1930 Evening Celebration Main Tent
Monday 7th –
Friday 11th August
0930 Prayer Meeting Prayer Tent
1000 Bible Teaching Main Tent
0945-1300 Crèche (pre-school) Main Buildings
Scripture Union (P1-P7) Main & Minor Sports Halls
On the Edge :am (Yrs 8-11) Riverside Theatre
Livewire (Year 12+) Diamond
1145–1245 NH Explore Various
1845 Prayer Meeting Prayer Tent
1915-2130 On the Edge :pm (Yrs 8–12) Riverside Theatre
1930 Evening Celebration Main Tent
Monday 7th –
Wednesday 11th August
1915-2115 Salt Factory Sports (P5-P7) Main & Minor Sports Halls
Wednesday 9th August
1130 Special Celebration for those with learning disabilities M102 Upper Octagon
2200 Livewire Worship Diamond

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Main Stage


The Evening Celebration takes place each evening, Saturday through to Friday, commencing at 19:30 and finishing at approximately 21:15. The style of the programme is inspirational and celebratory and consists of worship, Bible teaching, interviews and profiles of mission across the world. The Bible Readings take place each morning, Monday to Friday, commencing at 10:00 and finishing at 11:00. The focus of the Bible Readings is very much Bible teaching. Both these events are held in a 3,000 seater marquee on the edge of the University campus.

The youth programme is offered for the benefit of children whose parents are on campus attending a Bible Reading, Seminar or Evening Celebration. New Horizon has always seen working with young people as a vital and rewarding part of the week. Different programmes are geared to appropriate ages and cover from Crèche through to 18 years of age. Training is undertaken by everyone supervising or with involvement in any part of the Youth Programme and all such are Access NI checked. Prior registration for these activities is essential, although some spaces may be available during the course of the week. There is a registration charge for these activities.


Monday to Friday 11:45 to 12:45. A space to be led by expert speakers and facilitators to explore specific issues in depth through a variety of approaches. The aim is to challenge our minds and hearts, equip us to serve God in all of life and connect us with one another for His glory.

We have an experienced Pastoral Support Team during the week of New Horizon who will be prepared to spend time with you in prayer for whatever is on your heart – whether it is an issue which is burdening you or something you feel the Lord is saying to you at New Horizon. Anything you share will be treated in confidence. Should you need extra help with something, then our team will be happy to find you a professional counsellor – appointments are available during the week of New Horizon as well as after the Event.

New Horizon relies on nearly 400 volunteers each year to ensure the event runs smoothly. If you would like to join one of our teams and are aged 18 or over contact us through the website. There is a range of opportunities from helping prepare the site, stewarding, general support, youth and children’s work, prayer and pastoral support.

Mission is an integral part of New Horizon. Each year we have an extensive Mission Resources Area which is brought together by over 30 organisations, presenting the opportunities and needs of mission.


NH Explore

Each year within the seminar programme a wide range of speakers explore a wide variety of subjects using a wide range of approaches.

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Children/Youth Programme

The Children and Youth Programme is presented for the benefit of children whose parents are on campus attending a Bible Reading, Seminar or Evening Celebration. New Horizon has always seen working with young people as a vital and rewarding part of the week.

Children/Youth Programme




Additional Information

Information about accommodation, book aid, refreshments, accessibility and disabled parking.

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Sunday Ministry

New Horizon speakers will take part in local church services on Sunday, 2nd August.

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