NH Explore – seminars

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Each year within the seminar programme a wide range of speakers explore a wide variety of subjects using a wide range of approaches.

The seminar programme has been renamed ‘NH Explore’ to reflect its purpose and style: exploring specific issues in depth, through a range of approaches including seminars, workshops, discussion groups, panels, presentations and talks. The aim is to challenge our minds and hearts, equip us to serve God in all of life and connect us with one another for His glory.

We hope that people find seminars that are relevant and helpful for them and we always welcome suggestions if you don’t see what you’re looking for.

Seminars are Monday – Friday from 11:45am – 12:45pm in the Tented Village & University Buildings.

NH Explore Seminars 2017

NH Engage- Workshop/Training 2pm



Three aims:


1. Challenge:

To help people think about important issues in ways that they haven’t considered before

2. Equip:

To resource people to put what they’ve learned into practice where they live, work and serve

3. Connect:

To link people with similar interests and forge partnerships for the Kingdom