NH Explore – Seminars

NH Explore is the space to explore in depth God’s will for us and to take further what we’re learning in the Bible Teaching and Evening Celebrations.

It has three aims:

  • to challenge God’s people to think about important issues in new ways;
  • to equip God’s people to obey God where they live, work and serve;
  • to connect God’s people together in partnerships for God’s Kingdom.

Most of the seminars are in the morning (11.45-12.45) and in the tented venues, but we do have a Tuesday evening seminar for students about to start university.

Our prayer for you is that you will find in the programme some space or spaces where, with the help of the fantastic range of speakers we have assembled, you can work through what it means for you to live for the praise of God’s glory in your church, family, neighbourhood and place of work or study.

NH Explore seminar info to follow!

Three aims:

1. Challenge:

To help people think about important issues in ways that they haven’t considered before

2. Equip:

To resource people to put what they’ve learned into practice where they live, work and serve

3. Connect:

To link people with similar interests and forge partnerships for the King

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