Mission Focus: International Justice Mission

Until All Are Free

Mission is vital part of New Horizon and this year Scott Marshall from the NH Media Team is highlighting the inspirational work of some of the agencies taking part in #NH2022. In this first Mission Focus, he found out more about IJM (International Justice Mission).

Hope is being able to see that there is light despite all of the darkness.”

Desmond Tutu

International Justice Mission is a global Christian advocacy organisation working to protect people from slavery and violence. It is a global network of lawyers, social workers and investigators who are working to bring people to safety, bring criminals to justice, help local law enforcement and scale demand for protection to build safe communities. They work all over the world to find and set free those who are trapped in slavery and oppression. Every minute two children are sold into slavery when we know they should be in school and families. 

IJM turns 25 this year and in the last quarter of a century the charity has seen an 86% reduction in slavery in places where they have worked with 76,000 people brought to safety. In the middle of a global pandemic, God was still working with 9,967 people set free. 

What IJM is doing in Ukraine?

Within 24 hours of war erupting, International Justice Mission was at the border to help protect refugees from trafficking risks. Since February 2022, IJM has been on the ground in Ukraine in operations and programmes to help prevent exploitation. Some of these include working with authorities to create safe zones along the Ukrainian-Romanian border to stop traffickers for accessing refugees. 

Miracles are Happening

IJM does valuable work in areas such as South-East Asia. For example, in Manila in the Philippines, the charity has seen a 75% reduction in child sex trafficking cases. Breakthrough is happening across the world. Whole justice systems are being transformed. Authorities are choosing to protect people. By the grace of God survivors and communities are leading the way. The impossible is happening but this is just the beginning. Miraculous moments of restoration are being fuelled by the prayer and giving from the people of God. 

An Invitation to become a Freedom Partner 

IJM invites people to commit to the work of justice by giving monthly and praying regularly for IJM. And this New Horizon provides a special opportunity. A generous IJM donor will match the donations of anyone who signs up to be a new Freedom Partner at New Horizon for the next 12 months.

IJM will be at New Horizon all week in the mission tent so if your heart is stirred for justice or you want more info Hannah and her colleagues from IJM would be happy to chat and answer questions. Or visit the IJM website.

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