OTE Online 2021

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As New Horizon looks at the topic of People of Peace – seeking it, knowing it and making it, as a group of 11-14 year olds we will focus in closely at the Prince of Peace – Jesus Christ.

We will spend the morning (10am) looking at different conversations individuals had with Jesus in John’s Gospel. In the evenings (7pm) we will post a one minute video your child may find helpful, or may wish to pass on to a friend in defending a common accusation thrown against individuals who follow Christ. These will all be uploaded on Instagram and Youtube.

Although a big part of OTE each year would have been being physically present with your teens, we want to still have a space where we can come together. That is why on Thursday 12th August at 7pm we will be having a live zoom with some real life interviews, live music and a question and response time.

Signing up here will allow us to send a little welcome pack to you, and will act as a reminder for the event. We know the last 18 months have been stressful, a time of high and lows and great expectations dashed. Though as we hopefully move out of lockdown, let’s reinforce the message with your young people of the importance of Christ in their lives as we seek to encourage them, challenge them and support them. In Christ, the OTE Team.

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