Main Event Speakers and Seminar Speakers:

  • Pray for the main platform speakers – as well as all of those who have been invited to speak at seminars – that God will bless their preparation time and they will be attentive to what He wants to say through them at New Horizon this year. Pray for those who will be chairing the main events.
  • Bible Readings – Iain Provan
  • Evening Celebrations – Harold Miller and Ben Kwashi

NH Explore (seminars):

  • That the NH Explore programme would fulfil its purpose of challenging and equipping people so that they will passionately seek and serve God’s Kingdom.
  • That seminar speakers would be helped in preparation and would feel at home and be blessed by being part of the event.
  • That individuals would be able to connect what they learn with practical applications in their families, workplaces and churches.
  • That significant connections would be made through seminars (speakers with attendees and attendees with one another) that would lead to ongoing partnerships for the Kingdom.
  • That people in vocational ministry would be refreshed by two seminars provided for them by Gary Cousins.
  • That discussion at seminars, especially around potentially sensitive or controversial subjects, would be conducted with grace and in a spirit of humility.
  • That we would get more feedback to enable us to learn and to inform our future planning.
  • That all technical, recording and other practical arrangements will fall into place and run smoothly in the background.
  • That the NH Explore team will continue to develop the NH Explore programme from year to year, serving God’s purpose for His people and listening to all who can help us do so.


  • Pray for sufficient helpers to support the team throughout the week of New Horizon.
  • Ask God to touch the lives of the little ones through the love and care shown to them in Creche during the week.
  • Pray that parents of young children would feel blessed by the provision of Creche facilities and enjoy the opportunity to attend the Bible Readings and Seminar programme.


  • Pray for the SU teams who do such a fantastic job of looking after so many children at New Horizon.
  • Ask God to be at work in the hearts of all the children who will attend the programmes throughout the week, so that their hearts might be ready to hear and respond to the Good News of Jesus.
  • Pray that Team Members would be walking closely with the Lord as they prepare to play their part in making the week a really great experience for all the children attending.


  • Pray that the young people who will attend OTE and Livewire will develop good relationships with each other and the leaders who will be guiding them throughout the week.
  • Pray for all those who will be speaking to teenagers at New Horizon this year – that God will help them in their preparations and give them the ability to share Biblical truth in ways that will connect to the real life challenges young people face.


    Give thanks for:

  • A dedicated MAP team presenting mission at New Horizon
  • Key opportunities to share aspects of Mission on the main stage
  • The Mission resources area in the tent next to the main pavillion
  • The Mission seminars as part of the main NH Explore programmePrayer requests:
  • For each mission agency that will be part of New Horizon that they will be blessed and be a blessing to others during the week.
  • For sufficient people to help with set up before the event and break down afterwards.
  • For the main stage mission presentations to inspire and challenge people.
  • For good contacts and conversations with people via the mission resources area.
  • For help with making sure all the details are in place when they need to be.
  • For 2 Missionary Families joining us for the week with the help of the NH Missionary Hospitality Fund, that New Horizon will be of great encouragement to them and to all who attend.
  • That God will be honoured in everything that is said and done.

    Pastoral Support Team:

    Give thanks for:

  • The work of the Holy Spirit who applies the teaching of God’s Word to all of our hearts – healing, restoring, encouraging, comforting, challenging.
  • All those who have committed to be a part of this year’s Pastoral Support Team – many who have committed for another year, as well as several newcomers to the team.Pray for:
  • Prayer team members as they prepare for the event – this is a spiritual work and we can expect spiritual challenges.
  • The counsellors on the team – that God will give them wisdom as they seek to help people with difficult issues
  • Seminars which will have support from the Pastoral Support Team – that God will minister to people’s needs in a way that is appropriate to each individual.
  • A real work of the Spirit again this year, across the campus, that whether people come to the Prayer Tent or not, they will respond with their hearts and wills to what God is saying to them.
  • Those who do come into the Prayer Tent – that there will be  courage to share what is on their hearts and that they will meet with God in a way that changes their lives.


  • Pray for the Stewarding Leadership Team that we would have a servant heart as we serve those attending and as we lead and serve the stewards who volunteer.
  • Pray for a real sense of unity as we serve and work with all the other teams at New Horizon and the University staff.
  • Please pray that the Stewards on our mailing list would respond positively and soon sign up to serve this year.
  • Pray that all our volunteers will blend into a coherent and efficient team and that God will provide them with the resources to carry out their tasks effectively. New Horizon can be a very tiring week so patience and endurance are needed in abundance!
  • Please pray for total safety and protection over the whole event,  God has been faithful in the past and will be in the future


  • Pray for safety putting up and taking down the tent and pray for good weather on those days as it makes it a lot easier.
  • Pray for the D of E volunteers who help, some of whom are non-Christians.
  • Pray for safety of everyone coming to and from the event – and safety in all areas of the campus as the various programmes run
  • Pray for a suitable replacement for David Morrell as he seeks to step down from his role on the Management Team.

    Support Team:

  • Pray for sufficient volunteers to cover sales, staffing the Information Desks and general administration.
  • Pray for those staffing the Information Desks that they will be well equipped to deal with all sorts of questions asked of them during the week
  • Pray that those who volunteer will feel valued as part of the whole event though much of what they do is behind the scenes.


  • Pray for Shirley as the workload increases in the run up to the event
  • Pray for patience and grace when dealing with those who contact the office
  • Pray that the office move up to the University site will run smoothly and for a continued good working relationship with the University staff

    Operational Support:


  • Pray for safety in travel for short journeys as well as long journeys.
  • Pray for refreshment for speakers as they relax between sessions.
  • Pray for good conversations between drivers and speakers; it is in these times when concerns can be shared and relationships developed



  • Pray for Roy Rainey and his team as they provide audio/visual support for such a large event. We usually don’t notice them when things are running well – but we certainly notice when things break down! Pray that things will run smoothly – and why not take a moment to thank some of the support people for what they do behind the scenes?

    Media Interns:

Please pray that the media team will work well together and through the communication of what happens during the week even more people will be impacted by New Horizon.


  • Pray that people would continue to support the event.
  • Pray that we would cover costs.
  • Pray that we would have God-given wisdom and insight into how we use the finances of which we are stewards.
  • Pray for Laura Smyth as she steps up her involvement this year by shadowing Jonny with the aim of taking over from him in the future.
  • Give thanks for all those who help with finance in any capacity during the week.